About CCPC

Impacting the Nation

We're here to enable Cambodians to bless Cambodia.

Our Vision

We exist to provide Cambodian church-planting leaders with relationships, resources and training. By instilling a passion for church-planting and providing the right support, we believe these leaders will plant churches that in turn reproduce more churches. Reaching an exponentially increased number of people for Christ.

Why you should join the vision...

Cambodia’s population is less than 2% Christian, yet the Atlas of Global Christianity (2010) cited Cambodia as the 2nd most receptive population in the world to Christianity. At this unique point in history when Cambodia is most receptive to the Gospel we have the opportunity and responsibility to join Cambodian believers in spreading the Gospel through church-planting.

To learn more about our vision, watch our program video.

This is how we'll get there...

The church in Cambodia is searching for church planting models that are biblically sound, culturally engaging, and innovative.

With over 20+ years of church planting experience in Cambodia, New Life Fellowship of Churches has learned many lessons in church planting models. With the launch of their 500 Church Vision, these lessons are being incorporated into models for planting city and village church in a sustainable, reproducible way.

The Cambodia Church Planting Center will collaborate with and utilize the lessons learned from New Life’s model to equip partner networks. More importantly the Cambodia Church Planting Center will connect partners with experienced New Life staff who can act as coaches and consultants. “How to” manuals and New Life resources will be made available through trainings and conferences. The church planting process of the 500 Church Vision will serve as a living “classroom” for others to learn from.

As the center develops and additional partners develop models for church planting we’ll expand the selection of trainings and consultants, creating an environment where everyone is working together to see churches planted throughout the nation.